I hope that you had a wonderful Spring Break with your families. Students shared many fun memories with me about their Spring Break. Encore Night was a big hit in early March! We had a great turnout of families who participated in mask making, drum fit, Camp Gladiator sponsored physical fitness stations, and the used book sale. I loved seeing the excitement all around the halls that night.

We had our first round of STAAR state assessments, this week and finished TELPAS before Spring Break. Thank you for adjusting to a closed campus during the testing days. It allows us to maintain a secure testing environment. Another testing round will occur at the beginning of May. We are thankful to have Brentwood Park next to us so our non-testing grades have a place to play during testing days. We practice sharing and respect when we go to the park and play with non-Brentwood kids.

Our Campus Advisory Council (CAC) meets monthly.  One of our ongoing topics is safety in and around our campus. As our enrollment increases parking availability, arrival, and dismissal becomes more challenging. We continue to assess our grounds and connect with community organizations, such as Safe Routes to School, to collaborate and assess possible areas of change to ensure safe crossings and intersections and improve the flow of traffic. Thank you for your daily patience during arrival, dismissal, and parking at Brentwood.

This is our last newsletter for the school year. There are many upcoming events in April and May and we wanted you to have the calendar and news in advance for planning purposes. I hope that you can come out to Track and Field Day. Please consider volunteering during a time slot when your children are not participating. This event needs many volunteers for a smooth and successful day.

Keep Learning,

Amber Laroche