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Brentwood Elementary is a “Nut Aware” campus. This means that there is at least one child on campus with a SEVERE allergy to peanuts or tree nuts. A reaction can be life-threatening and occur in a matter of minutes.   For this reason, we strongly request that all parents avoid sending food with peanuts or tree nuts to school.

Why should someone else’s nut allergy affect what my student brings to school?

Cross-contamination can occur easily on an elementary campus. For example, a student eats a peanut butter sandwich, does not wash her hands, then touches a door, playground equipment, computers, etc. – those items are now contaminated. Some of our students have such severe allergies that if they touch a contaminated surface and rub their face, a life-threatening reaction can occur almost immediately.

If a student does bring a food with peanuts or other tree nuts to school, the student will be monitored to ensure s/he washes hands thoroughly. Teachers will have to wipe down any surface that may have been touched immediately and with care. This includes bathroom doors, sink handles, and paper towel holders. This may take away from instructional time for other students. We ask our entire Brentwood community to think of the safety of every student.

What are examples of acceptable alternatives?

There are delicious alternatives to peanut butter, such as sunflower seed butter or soy nut butter. Some examples of healthy snacks that do not contain nuts include fruit, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, vegetable chips, graham crackers, and dried fruit.

Please see our school nurse if you have further questions about our “Nut Aware” campus.