Lunch at Brentwood Café

Parents can join their students for lunch at Brentwood Café by signing in at the front office. Ask your child’s teacher when their scheduled lunch time is. Keep in mind, if you have an incoming kindergartner, the teachers request you give your child about two weeks to become accustomed to lunch in the café on their own before you start joining them. Some more points about lunch:

  • Students may bring a lunch from home. Please keep in mind Brentwood is a “Nut Aware” campus. Learn more about what that means here.
  • Students will be able to buy milk and/or a snack from the lunch line if they need to. Students can also buy lunch from the cafeteria. The monthly menu will be sent home in Wednesday folders, and can be found at SchoolCafé
  • The easiest way to pay for lunch is online at You will need your child’s student ID to set up an account. Please contact the front office to get your child’s ID. Alternately, you can send money in a sealed envelope with the student’s name, teacher’s name and “lunch money.”

Helpful Tip: Practice opening lunch containers with your child this summer to ease their frustration and foster independence.

  AISD Wellness Policy

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