donate-brentwood-elementaryYour donation to the Brentwood PTA makes many of the fantastic programs at Brentwood possible. With our annual budget we help provide classroom supplies, visiting artists, library programs, and more. There are many chances to donate at events throughout the year.

Every spring we determine the budget for the following school year, working together with the teachers and the principal to determine the new and ongoing priorities at the school. We encourage all PTA members to get involved in this process in the Spring.

We  fund many programs in the school, including teacher work days, the school library, visiting artists, the Halloween Carnival, Weekly Scoop, assemblies, outdoor school, and more.  View our annual report here to learn about our 2017/18 accomplishments
Our biggest annual fundraiser each Fall is the Keep It Simple Fundraiser. There is nothing to buy, and nothing to sell, and 100% of your donation goes to help the programs at Brentwood supported by your PTA. For the 2018/2019 school year the goal is $15,000.
Your employer might match some or all of the funds you donate to a charitable non-profit organization like the PTA. This could be an easy way to double the money you donate!
Check with your employer to see if this option is available to you.

Some companies with employer matching include: 3M, ABM, AMD, Apple, Applied Materials, Bank of America, Dell, Deloitte, eBay, Electronic Arts, Google, IBM, Intel, Indeed, LexisNexis, Logitech, Microsoft, National Instruments, SalesForce, Seton, Tyco, VMWare, and many others.
Usually it’s a matter of filling out a form or submitting a request online. Each company has a different process, so check with your HR department.

Name: Brentwood PTA

Tax ID: #74-6085683
Brentwood PTA
c/o Brentwood Elementary
We’re always looking for more help with Fundraising, as our budget and the school’s need grows every year. If you want to help with fundraisers, grants, or special events, let us know!