All students and families are encouraged to accept Principal Laroche’s second Writing Challenge for this school year. The challenge objective is for students to practice expository writing, which simply means that you are writing to explain what you think and why you think it. Expository writing explains, describes, and informs.

Expository writing typically follows the following format –

  • Introduction with main topic that answers the prompt.
  • #1 supporting reason or example.
  • #2 supporting reason or example.
  • #3 supporting reason or example.
  • Conclusion that restates the main topic, revisits key details, and tells the lesson learned.

The best writing is the result of editing and revising before publishing your final piece. Principal Writing Challenge final drafts are due to Principal Lacroche by email ( or paper by Friday, March 8th. Include student name, grade, and teacher name. Families are encouraged to support and participate with their child in my challenge.

All writing challenge entries will be celebrated at The Principal’s Writing Challenge Bulldog Share, in the library, Thursday, March 14th from 7:30-8:00 am. All participants will receive a special writer’s tool!

Principal’s Writing Challenge Prompt:

Think about the Brentwood Lifeskills and how you use them personally in your life. Write about a lifeskill that is important to you.  Describe how this lifeskill is important or how you use the lifeskill in your life. Where do you use it –  At home?  At school?  With friends?