Brentwood provides screening, identification, and services for Gifted and Talented (GT) students. Once identified, students receive in-class GT services from trained teachers.

How can my child be identified as Gifted and Talented?

You can nominate your child for screening, or your child’s classroom teacher can make the nomination. One evening information session before each nomination window will be held at Brentwood Elementary. The calendar for the assessment can be found on the AISD website. Students may be identified as GT in one or more of the following content areas:

  • GT STEM (science and mathematics),
  • GT Humanities (language arts and social studies),
  • Talent Explore STEM (science and mathematics), or
  • Talent Explore Humanities (language arts and social studies).

How can I reach out to other parents of GT students?

If you’re interested in connecting with other parents of GT students, you can join the email list or Facebook group.