The library at Brentwood is a central hub of learning activity, supporting the  literacy needs of every student at Brentwood. Each class has a weekly library day when the whole class goes to pick out books. All Brentwood students have library privileges and can return and check out new books every week. The library also has research databases and e-readers. The library is the scene of the yearly Poetry Cafe and Brentwood’s librarian, Kate Slaten, arranges guest author visits every year.

Yes! Ask Ms. Slaten about how to sign up for a library card. Brentwood has some books for adults in our library and lots of board books for younger children.

Tip: Find out your child’s library day and make sure library books are in your child’s backpack on that day. Kids can’t check out new books until they return the ones they checked out earlier.

Let Ms. Slaten know as soon as you can. She’ll talk with you about any fees for replacing the book.
Celebrate your child’s birthday by donating a book to the Brentwood Library. The Birthday Book Club is a great way to honor your child’s birthday and also show your child the value that you place on reading. At the same time, you will be helping our library collection grow.
What happens:
  • Your child will select a book from a special batch of brand new library books.
  • Alternately, you may also purchase books on Amazon from the Brentwood Book Club registry.
  • Your child’s photo will be taken with their book and shown on the screen outside the library.
  • Parents will receive their child’s birthday photo via email.
  • A special bookplate is placed inside the front cover of the book.
  • Your child will be the first person to check it out!

How it happens:

  • Birthday Book Club forms will be sent home 2 weeks before your child’s birthday. Complete and return the birthday book club form with $10.
  • September and October birthdays will be honored with November birthdays.
  • May birthdays will be celebrated in April to allow students to read their books before the end of the school year.
  • Summer birthdays will be celebrated on half-birthdays.
You can put books back on the shelves, help children find the books they need or help the librarians get new books ready to put out. Whether you have an hour or three hours to volunteer, your help will be appreciated. Email Mrs. Slaten or call the Library at (512)414-4347.
Parents also support our library financially. The PTA hosts a Used Book Sale every Spring and assists with the Fall and Spring Scholastic Book Fairs. When you buy a book at Brentwood’s Scholastic Book Fair, you’re helping all of our kids have access to good-quality books because the library keeps a portion of the sales.

The Used Book Sale is especially fun. Families donate gently used books, and volunteers sell them for as little as $.25 for kids books and usually no more than $3 for adult books. The sale also includes games, videos, and music (CDs and even cassettes). The goal of the Used Book Sale is to get at least one book in the hands of every child at Brentwood.