Most Sundays during the school year, the Brentwood PTA publishes The Bulldog Bark, an email newsletter full of everything Brentwood families need to know to stay up to speed. The Bulldog Bark email list is volunteer-run, and goes out to over 650 subscribers each week as of September 2018.

How do I submit content to The Bulldog Bark?

Our online form ( will allow you to be sure content you submit is correct and complete. Before submitting content via the form, please review the guidelines below.

What kind of content is appropriate for The Bulldog Bark?

Appropriate content is non-commercial in nature, and most often comes from one of the following:

  • Brentwood faculty/staff/administration
  • Brentwood PTA
  • AISD staff/administration
  • Other schools in the Brentwood feeder line
  • Brentwood student or parent clubs or groups

What’s the deadline to have something included in The Bulldog Bark?

6pm on Thursday for the Sunday newsletter. If the submission form is sent after Thursday at 6pm, the item won’t run in that Sunday’s newsletter except at the editor’s discretion.

What should I include in my submission?

Submissions should be brief (10 sentences maximum).  Note that only the first couple of sentences are included in the email — the remainder of your content may be included on the web site, so pack the important information in your headline and first two sentences.

The Brentwood Bark editor may edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity, but don’t count on our editor (who is a volunteer) to proof read.

Your submission should include:

  • who (who should read the post and/or who the post is about)
  • what (what group/organization/event is the post pertaining to)
  • where (if applicable, where is the location of your event or meeting)
  • when (what date and time, if applicable)
  • why (why this information is important or relevant to the reader)
  • and how (what action are you requesting that the reader take — click a link, bring money for something, etc.).
  • attachments and/or links, if applicable (attachments should be pdf format if at all possible)

If you do not include all relevant information in your post, the editor may have to come back to you to clarify your information, which could delay its posting. We reserve the right to refuse content and/or to redirect you to other ways to communicate your message if the Bulldog Bark or web site is not the appropriate forum.

What does it cost to publish content in The Bulldog Bark?

Nothing! We invite you to submit appropriate content at no charge.

Should you (or your org!) feel so inclined, a donation to the Brentwood PTA makes many of the fantastic programs at Brentwood possible. The PTA provides classroom supplies, visiting artists, library programs, and more. Donate at